Photo of James Atherton

James Atherton

Oro Valley, AZ Willing to relocate! (470) 310-2115

Product Engineer

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Projects & Hobbies
+ YouTube: 1 video of some of my Zelda hacks has over 87k views
+ Mention how fun OpenGL was in college?
+ LUA Program: Noteblock Studio Player
+ Accio Hacks - C Program running on Wii as homebrew, thousands of downloads
+ Decent at small Pixle Art-- Mario Kart DS gallery
+ Mapping/Level Creation for Red Faction FPS on PC
+ Social media stuff (SE Asia tumblr, @geckocodes, @James0x57, linkedin)
Technical Profile
Languages Technologies Websites I've Designed and Developed from the ground up
General Profile
Eager and highly driven programmer with experience in multiple programming languages. Able to pick up and master advanced techniques quickly. Expert knowledge of JavaScript and CSS in cross-browser environments. Skilled in debugging and complex problem solving. Maintains clean syntax and adheres to the highest W3C standards. Personal projects include a globally used, multi-admin database for sharing work in legal video game hacking averaging 31,000 unique visitors per month.
Bachelor's Degree, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA, May 2010
Major: Computer Science; Minor: Asian Studies
  1. CRM Product Engineer

    Simpleview, Inc., Tucson, AZ

    September 2014 - Present
    • Engaged in daily Scrum meetings for agile development of company's core products with our small team.
    • Developed shared, highly functional, directives and entire modules in AngularJS, used and required throughout a brand new extranet and CRM.
    • Lead the Sass and Bootstrap development, shaping the user experience for our new Extranet and CRM.
    • Leveraged Sass and built additional, uniform, Bootstrap class options to deliver a high-value, rapidly themeable extranet to our clients and their customers.
    • Employed npm, Grunt, and RequireJS to maintain, build/compile, and optimize large web applications.
  2. CRM Support Engineer

    Simpleview, Inc., Tucson, AZ

    May 2012 - September 2014
    • Started a trend among the team to share creative solutions with everyone, which was eventually adopted by management to be an official part of monthly developer meetings.
    • Built and modified complex reports and aggregate data views in T-SQL and ColdFusion.
    • Took own initiative to build several tools that make tedious parts of the job fast and simple, boosting the efficiency of the whole department.
    • Engineered and implemented CRM and CMS customizations for,, and many other high-profile clients.
  3. Web Developer

    Wick Communications, Tucson, AZ

    Oct 2011 - May 2012
    • Took on important, contracted, development with 3rd party businesses ( and Impact Engine) to integrate new features into existing platforms.
    • Functioned in multiple roles including front-end and back-end programming, professional customer service, design, and training.
    • Developed many profitable solutions and widgets using JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery.
  4. Web Developer and designer, Moline, IL

    Aug 2010 - Feb 2012
    • Programmed and designed a fully dynamic, user friendly project with a graphical UI that will be the customer's first interaction with TownNews.
    • First one hired to fill a combined developer and designer role in the company.
    • Took full initiative to always stay busy.
    • Frequently the go-to guy when anyone on the team- including managers- had a question.
    • Hacked the CMS locally to add features that helped deliver massive umbrella sites in one tenth the expected time.
  5. Website Design, Engineering, and Maintenance

    Aug 2008 - Present
    • Over 19.5 million page views in 4.5 years of Google Analytics tracking.
    • Designed user friendly interface to allow administrators to add, edit, and delete any of their own contributions to the database, via secure AJAX, at any time.
    • Average session duration has consistently been over 4 min per visit since the beginning and still is today.
    • Served over 3,000 unique visitors daily during the peak of its life.